niedziela, 17 stycznia 2016

The best teacher

Teacher isn’t only a school worker.  A good teacher is like a guide in the jungle of new information. He not only teaches, but also opens student’s minds. Teacher by vocation does his job with passion. You don’t look  anxiously at your watch waiting for the end of classes because you're completely absorbed by lesson. Aleksandra Dymska , my teacher of Polish language from high school is one of those special teachers and so I would like to nominate him for the Best Teacher Award.

I can honestly say that she has many of qualities I look for in the best teacher. Mrs. Dymska also has function as deputy director in my high school. Despite the many responsibilities she was always superbly prepared. Her classes were conducted with great care. She has never lacked ideas for creative teaching. Mrs. Dymska always tried to describe in detail all  the issues.

What is the  most important, it was student who was the most significant for her. She always appreciated the efforts of her charges. She tried to reward every little effort. She invited students with troubles to her office for  individual consultations. She wanted that each of us was well prepared for baccalaureate. She hadn’t considered this time as wasted.

The last point I would like to highlight is that she always willingly chatted to her students in the hallway. She was very pleasant and sensitive teacher. She was eager to help and she treated each of student individually, sometimes  to being  accommodating with them.

She motivated and inspired her students to do well and she was always it is always full of ideas, and so I very much hope she will be the winner.

wtorek, 5 stycznia 2016


At the beginning of the year in Poland started  snowfall and frost. Frosts reach - 20 degrees Celsius. Is really cold. It is difficult to endure more than an hour outside. Such low temperatures cause many problems. In one of the schools in Poznań classes were canceled because of cracked pipe. Children enjoy the additional free days, but it is a huge problem for director. However, the effects of this problem aren’t the worst. with the huge problem grappling people who are homeless, or living in arbors where conditions for survival are very heavy. These people often refuse help. Why? Because in order to receive the help you need to desist drink alcohol. The balance is appalling. Tonight throughout the country died 7 people from hypothermia. And frost still persist. It is also a big challenge for homeless animals. Now besides struggle for food they are grappling with frosts. Also the railways note long delays. Winter, although has arrived in the country late, in a few days caused  real problems. Many people get sick and they will pay for this month a lot of money for heating their homes. personally I wish that winter was over as soon as possible and I can’t wait spring!

sobota, 2 stycznia 2016

Engagement? - I say no!

Be calm, I didn’t reject engagement. But I am opposed to some form of engagement. Strictly speaking I am opposed to proposal at Christmas or New Year's Eve or  other family gatherings.  Why am I writing about it now?? We are after period of Christmas and New Year's Eve, and willingly or unwillingly, I am a witness of these happy events on the social networking site Facebook. So many of my Facebook’s friends  boast of engagement in this "special time". This ridiculous to me, I'm not jealous, I wish this couples make the most of new way of life. But I really don’t see nothing original in this form of engagement. Hey guys,  really miss you ideas? Aren’t you stressed the presence of the whole family?

It must be really uncomfortable situation. And in addition, not romantic. Last summer I was a witness engagement at the top Giewont. Wow! it was something! Even though it was cold and windy. Why? Because it was something special. Perhaps this couple was lovers of mountain climbing. Engagement in my opinion should be exceptional. They should be sincere, and the man should show a touch of creativity. This should be an intimate ceremony and not show for the family. Happy engagement!

piątek, 1 stycznia 2016

Happy New Year

Finally is 2016 year! The new year gives a new hope. It is  a new start. In our homes, there are new calendars we start count off. In the New Year's Evewe always  pompously say goodbye to the old year. People often make New Year's resolutions. They have hope that the restart will allow them  to fulfill  their promises. Now imagine how many times you've done your list of New Year's resolutions? Probably many times. What were the results? Probably different. I want to present you a list of the most common New Year's resolutions according to the geekweek ranking:

  1. spend more time with family
  2. fall in love
  3. help others
  4. quit smoking
  5. learn something new
  6. live healthier
  7. enjoy life
  8. spend less, economize more
  9. be better organized
  10. lose weight

    Whether on your list were related New Year's resolutions?

czwartek, 3 grudnia 2015



The purpose of this report is to make recommendations on ways to improve the student facilities on the university campus. I am a student of 3rd years of French studies  at the Faculty Neofilology  of Adam Mickiewicz University. For 5 semesters at the university I  acquainted with its functioning, its advantages and disadvantages. The university campus is quite large and provides excellent library and also IT services. However, some of its student facilities could be improved as outlined below.


First of all, the state of women's toilets in the building is under any criticism. There are only 3 cabins on one floor, and this is definitely not enough. During a break are  formed long queues. To make matters worse, toilets are neglected, not to say that they are simply dirty. The toilet  paper is on the dirty floor rather than be hanged. Notoriously I notice the lack of soap! Furthermore rarely works hand dryer. Use of these toilets causes real disgust.

Heating system

Most of the time spent at the university coincides with the autumn and winter season. Low temperatures outside cool the building of the university and consequently in classrooms is very cold. Unfortunately radiators often don’t function properly and don’t fulfill their tasks. Being half a day at low temperatures cools the body. This results in a cold or a serious illness and decrease attendance of student in the class.


I suggest firstly that the university should hire a reliable cleaning service that keeps toilets cleaning and in good conditions. You cannot forget that dirty toilet is a source of plagues and diseases. Secondly, should be performed regularly review the heating system. Only working properly  can  fulfill its function. The University should pay more attention to the conditions in the building. Unknowingly can worsen the condition the health of their students and staff. Healthy student is far more eager to learn.

niedziela, 29 listopada 2015

Mysterious disappearance

26-year-old Ewa Tylman disappeared in the city center on the night of Sunday22.11 to Monday23.11, when she returned from the event. Andrzej Borowiak, Wielkopolska police spokesman, confirmed our information that Ewa Tylman met Sunday evening with friends. - It was the integration meeting. Participants of the meeting were moving around the various clubs. At the end they were in the club Mixtura. About 3 a.m  she  went with his colleague with the intention of returning home. Monday morning, a woman found the  evidence  of Ewa at the tram stop near the Warta. For a few days police  still looking for girl around the river. In the river was found a human hand. Nobody confirms that is a piece of Ewa’s body. Today appeared  new facts. It is rumored that Ewa’s family received sms with information, that they have time to tomorrow to pay 500,000 zł and Ewa will return to home.

how she looks like:

sobota, 28 listopada 2015


 Recently, I listened a radio broadcast  titled “Intoxication”  dedicated to women, booze, drugs and losing control. Journalist  Lauren Laverne, invited lady professor and  several women who speak about their own experiences, to tell their stories of addiction.  All women are united by a common element - they fell into addiction in adolescence. Now they are adult women who speak   about their experiences with a  distance. Most of them has tackled the problem of drugs and alcohol. Today they  are aware of the destructive impact of drugs on the body and life. They know that the temptation among teenagers is enormous. In England it is still a serious problem . Many people before the age of majority falling into drug and alcohol addiction. Guests Lauren Laverne wondering how to fight with  this widespread problem . The psychologist points out that  addiction is conditioned by various factors. Each person has its own history, but there are some common similarities like:

- Pathology in family

- Rising in bad environment ( Big influence of childhood friends )

- Curiosity of what "How is it to be on dope"

- Family members that don't really care about their children

- The effect of "Marijuana doesn’t hit us anymore we ought to take something stronger"

- Drugs help to reduce the impact of depression on health

as we see the most common cause of addiction among young people is a difficult family situation lack of willpower or a desire to please  their peers. There was also mentioned about youngsters who because of drugs and alcohol went to jail, lost their job, in short sentence - start of downfall.

Guests also pay attention to the problem  with addiction among pregnant women. They see that it has distressing consequences for the still unborn child. Children are often born with congenital malformation genetic. Also for addicts overdose has disturbing, destructive effects as

- Personality disorder,

- Mood disorders

- Psychosis.

- Depression,

- Neurosis,

- Anxiety.

The same drugs can also cause diseases such as:

- Seizures

- Myocardial infarction,

- Kidney damage,

- Liver damage.